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Wireless Internet Services

Wireless in our internet kingdom means freedom! You will experience freedom beyond immaginations!!

JP Wireless in collaboration with leading ISP's brought to you a solution that gives you the best service at the lowest cost. We
offer range of service plan from Time charging plan to Monthly services plan. We have qualified team to deploy and maintain
Broadband Internet via Fixed Wireless Access (BFWA), WiMax Access, CDMA Technology, VSAT Solutions and Fibre optic

With us, changing from one ISP to another is done at no extra cost as we bear the burden on your behalf. In migrating you from
one ISP to another, we retrieve your internet equipment and give you the new one as a trade-in option.

To achieve this, we have reached an agreements with leading ISP's to offer you their services while we provide you Timely
Support and Managements compared to what you will get from the provider direct. We evaluate your need and advice you based
on your internet requirements, locations and work with your budgets.

IT Pays Everybody

To The customer
You get timely support, best internet services, best deal upon migration and as a result high return on investments.

To The ISPs'
We market you as long as you can deliver and we takes the hassles of customer service support off your neck giving you more
time, energy and resources to concentrate on improving the quality of your service delivery.

To The Market
We create Quality of Service (QoS) competition.

Every business needs IT to survive and compete favorably!

Talk to us today, we will help you achieve your goal with ease!!