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BTS Installation

BTS Site Survey; providing Site Survey detail report
along with built drawings / Engineering Site Survey

To work out on Site Survey Planning.

Provide Detail Site Survey Report Strictly complying to
Customer Requirement.

Documentation For Site, Including Equipments Layout
Drawing, Indoor & Outdoor Cable Routing and
Quantities for Engineering Materials.

BTS Indoor Installation

BTS Indoor Installation, MBTS/BBU Site Indoor
Installation and Commisioning, RFS/RRU Tower Top
Mounted Commissioning, Integration & ATP Sign-Off.

Un-packaging and Goods Verification and Shifting.

Installation of BTS Rack.
Power Cable and Grounding Cable routing and
Terminate to MCB or IGB.

E1 Cable Routing and Punching On DDF.
Lightning Protection Box, IGB, MCB, DDF Installation.
Alarm Cable Routing and Environment Detection
RF Jumper Cable Connector Making
Labeling for all Cable and Sector.
BTS Outdoor Installation

Installation of Antenna Pole or RRU or MW, Pole, Hoisting
of Antennas, Connectivity & Routing of Feeder Cables,
Optical cable & Power Cable Routing

3-Sectors Site Outdoor Antenna Mount.
Feeder Cable Routing, Grounding and Termination.
Surge Arrestor Installation and Grounding to OGB.
OGB & Feeder Cable Windows Installation.
Installation of Outdoor Cable Tray.
Labeling of all Cables, Jumbers and Sectors.

BTS Commissioning
BTS Power on and Card Check.
Transmission Connectivity Integration.
Integrate BTS with BSC.
Integration of External Alarm and Alarm Testing. 

Preparing ATP Document for Testing.
Arranging Testing Record.
To get Hardware Installation Acceptance Certification.

Organizing ATP testing.
Sign-off ATP Certificate.
Preparing and Submiting Site Folder.

Microwave Link
We have the facilities to mount, align and terminate any
achievable distance link based on customer requirements