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Acess Control System
Attacks on civil and institutional objects are potential threats in several parts of the world today. The target might be a bank or
a company, and the attack might be motivated by money or ideological reasons, but the essential pattern is the same. To put
an end to the increase in these types of attacks, it is high time that we have applied advanced scientific and technological
solutions to real-life applications.

We uses a cutting-edge technology that facilitates secure and safe biometric access in electronically controlled doors.
Key Features:
•   Convenient and secure method of controlling door entry
•   Authentication by Facial or Finger print Biometrics to gain entry
•   Higher security than conventional systems
•   No keys or cards to carry but available as an option
•   No need to issue keys or cards for every user for the keyless type
•   Accurate recording of arrivals and departures
•   Real time monitoring of door access
•   Intelligent access control by group or time schedule

Our Door Access Control
Access II is a door access control system that allows fast identification and smart access control for sensitive entrances where
the speed and the security are vital. This system’s core supports both 1:1 & 1: N matching system, based on a stand-alone or
networked database.