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Firewall and Security Managements.

A firewall is a set of related programs, located at a network gateway server, that protects the resources of a private network from
users from other networks. (The term also implies the security policy that is used with the programs.) An enterprise with an
intranet that allows its workers access to the wider Internet installs a firewall to prevent outsiders from accessing its own private
data resources and for controlling what outside resources its own users have access to.

Basically, a firewall, working closely with a router program, examines each network packet to determine whether to forward it
toward its destination. A firewall also includes or works with a proxy server that makes network requests on behalf of workstation
users. A firewall is often installed in a specially designated computer separate from the rest of the network so that no incoming
request can get directly at private network resources.

There are a number of firewall screening methods. A simple one is to screen requests to make sure they come from acceptable
(previously identified) domain name and Internet Protocol addresses. For mobile users, firewalls allow remote access in to the
private network by the use of secure logon procedures and authentication certificates.

A number of companies make firewall products. Features include logging and reporting, automatic alarms at given thresholds of
attack, and a graphical user interface for controlling the firewall.

Computer security borrows this term from firefighting, where it originated. In firefighting, a firewall is a barrier established to
prevent the spread of fire.

JP Wireless has positioned itself to protect its clients by building a formidable firewall to guide against internal and external
intruder or attack. We apply preventive approach rather than finding solution after the damage may have been incured. So talk to
us today and we will give rest of mind. If you are under attack already, we will bail you out and protect you against reoccurence.