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Power is the lifeline of your business. To protect it, you need Expertise, Service, Experience, and Value. Equipment alone can
fail. But as part of a uniquely configured integrated power protection system from us, your productivity will not be compromised by

There is only one source for absolute reassurance that you are protected; Our Power Solutions. Using our proprietary diagnostic
process, We eliminates your vulnerabilities and works intimately with your team to design and build your exclusive power
protection system.

From initial conceptualization to construction, to individualized training, to ongoing technical support, we deliver absolute
protection against power failure. We are well positioned to offer completely independent power long lasting solution with the wealth
of experience of the directors in alternate power solution creation. JP Wireless Technologies offers power services solution in the
following areas:

Soaring and fluctuating fossil fuel prices have become a reality reflecting our strong dependence on fossil fuels. Furthermore, the
forecasted demand in energy is expected to double through 2030 and could outstrip supply, resulting in an anticipated increase in
energy prices. This paves the way for opportunities to advance and implement clean (alternative) energy technologies such as
solar and wind as stand alone or with inverter solution.

Solar industry is the fastest growing segment in the alternative energy sector where global resources are plentiful. The last decade
has shown an accelerated improvement in technology and commercial usage making it more attractive and less expensive.

Solar powered solution - this involve powering your energy requirement with the natural sun light

Wind powered solutions - do you know that natural wind can generate enough electricity to power most of your critical
appliances? Yes! This is our profession. Talk to us and we make it happen.

Complete inverter power solution - inverter solution using battery bank can also guarantee your quest for stable power
provided it is well calculated and dependable. This why you need to talk to us! Dependability, Affordability and Accuracy are our
watch words.

Generator power solutions - we advice, acquire, install and maintain.
Power Solution