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IT | Server Office Setup

New Office Setup
JP Wireless provides New Office IT Setup services you can trust and rely on. Our technical consultants team can recommend a
wide range of network systems with your best interests in mind.

We understand that doing business in Africa can sometimes be a new and challenging process. This is especially true when
setting up new offices without your own startup dedicated IT staff.
We can provide New Office IT Set-Up services that is up to date and dependable. Our team of technical expert consultants can
confidently recommend, support, and implement a wide range of hardware, software, and network systems with your best interests
in mind.

We can provide you with installation project management as well as long-term IT maintenance and support with our normal IT
maintenance support package.
The following services may be included in JP Wireless
New Office IT Set-up program:
-    IT network setup consulting
-    Hardware and Software procurement
-    PABX system set-up
-    Cable installation and network system set-up
-    Desktop equipment deployment and installation service (PC,   
     Printers, Fax, etc.)
-    Internet set-up
-    Email set-up
-    Voice over Internet Proxy Direct Call Service (VOIP)
-    Virtual Private Network (VPN) set-up
-    Electronics door security system set-up
-    Video or teleconference set-up
The benefits of JP Wireless New Office IT Set-up
service include the following:
-    Save time
-    Save money
-    Sure of professional designs
-    You can focus on core business
-    We manages IT needs and implementation