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Our Services

We are your one stop IT solutions provider, Our experienced team are always available to satisfy your quest for reliable services at
an affordable and dependable rate.Some of our services are:

Connectivities: One of the areas we are known to deliver effectively is Connectivity services, ranging from simple to complex wi-fi
solutions, wimax deployemnts, hotspots, billing systems installations, high speed internet conection, Base Transceiver Stations
building and mainteneance, firewall setup and security control including Complete IT Office or multifunctional Server room setup
and maintenance. More information ...

Electronics Securities: The safety of lives and your hard earn properties is very much important. It is always easier, cheaper and
better to prevent the occurence than to recover. Deployment and maintenace of Cameras with remote recording and remote access
is our business and profession.  Installations of Security Doors, Finger Prints/Card Access control, Smoke, Gas detectors and
Water sensors in sensitive areas of your apartment or building or factory is no longer a task but a hubby. More information ...

SMS Services: Bulk SMS messaging has become the most powerful and effective tool for marketing & communications in the 21st
century. This is so because of it's cost effectiveness and the power of intimacy it tends to wield. It drops your brand in the hands of
your spropective clients directly and in most case, it is been stored for reference when needed. More information ...

IT Support Services: You speak and we listened. We know that your IT budget is at its lowest, while your expenses are higher than
your expectations. JP would like to lend a hand and offer its own relief package. More information ...

Power Solution: Power is the lifeline of your business. To protect it, you need Expertise, Service, Experience, and Value.
Equipment alone can fail. But as part of a uniquely configured integrated power protection system from us, your productivity will not
be compromised by failure. More information ...

Web Related Services: We offer a full range of web services including web design, hosting, registration, web programming, training,
maitenance services and lots more. More information ...

ICT Consultancy Services: we realize that ongoing simplicity of operation and cost of ownership are also significant factors and,
when designing an application or network or planning a business, we draw upon our considerable experience in designing an
intuitive and aesthetically pleasing, easy to manage that require low maintenance and in such a way as to encourage user self-
sufficiency. More information ...