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Wind Power Solution
With over 10 years of experience, in-depth know-how, global manufacturers partnership and thorough understanding of both wind
turbine applications and power systems, we serves our customers at every stage of the process. We are one of the leading
supplier/installers of the wind power industry of electrical products and solutions. We stands for "Power for Productivity for the
Technological World".

Our offering
Wind Power Plant Solutions
Our transmission and distribution expertise guarantee the best possible value also for wind power customers. The offer includes
everything from electrical design to substation construction up to project management and installation and commissioning.

Wind Power Products
Turbines are comprised of many subsystems working in unison so that the turbine efficiently and safely produces power. Our
solutions are used throughout these subsystems, from the emergency stop button to the generator.

JP Wireless industry expertise ensures our solutions are designed for long life cycles and changing industry regulations.

Our portfolio of life cycle services is designed to increase a customer’s return on investment and keep the solution operating at
the highest efficiency levels throughout their individual product life cycles.