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We are unique in our abilities to provide ICT, Power and Electronics Security Services, Products and Solutions on a global basis
to satisfy the needs of the clients throughout the world. Our commitment to quality is your assurance of our leading the industry
with proven technologies that conforms with global standards and deliver enduring reliability and performance.

JP Wireless Nigeria is one of the leading organizations with the ability to Plan, Deploy, Maintain and Upgrade Wireless Network
(Wi-Fi, Hotspot & Hotzone), Networking, Wi-Max, Long and Short Distance Microwave Connectivity, VSAT and GSM
Technologies for Wireless Network Operators, Web Solutions, Electronics Security Solutions (Cameras, Security Doors, Finger
Prints, Water Leakage and Temperature Sensor etc), and Alternative Power Provision (Inverter, Solar and Wind).
   •     Long / short distance connectivity
   •     Wireless Local Area Connection
   •     Local Area Networking (Wired),
   •     Hotspot and Billing solutions, ...
We offer Web Services to both
corporate, public and private,
individuals who desire to have the
web presence as detailed below.
The greatest treat to ones'
existence is the issue of security of
lives and properties. Often times, we
deploy so much energy into...
Power is the lifeline of your
business. To protect it, you need
Expertise, Service, Experience, and
Value. Equipment alone can fail...
At JP Wireless, we realize that
ongoing simplicity of operation and
cost of ownership are also
significant factors and when
designing an application...
Bulk SMS messaging has become
the most powerful and effective tool
for marketing & communications in
the 21st century. This is so
because of it's cost effectiveness...
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