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“We aspire to be the leading independent provider of value added services in ICT, Security and Power Industries"

JP Wireless Technologies is a fully registered Information Technology Company established to deliver a world class
telecommunication services to the public. We are fully equipped with the latest techniques and technologies from world leaders in
the manufacturing of Telecommunication Equipments.

Our outstanding success record lies in our engineering expertise and in-depth operating experience across the globe. We
engineer and provide complete systems, long-term maintenance and operations support including space management.

JP Wireless Nig has developed a unique and seamless solution that delivers essential services and exploring the broadband
internet via fibre, wimax, wifi and vsat technology to provide access, authorization, accounting, billing, settlement, roaming and
network monitoring system. Our State-of-the art Management software is completely hardware independent, offering WISPs an
off-the-shelf solution that can instantly turn any location into a revenue generating spot. Our security systems provide 24/7
survellance over our clients area of interest with live recording and remote viewing and backup. Most of our services are backed up
by one or two alternative sourcr of energy.

With global offices, JP Wireless Nigeria is one of the leading organizations with the ability to Plan, Deploy, Maintain and Upgrade
Wireless Network (Wi-Fi, Hotspot & Hotzone), Networking, Wi-Max, Lond and Short Distance Microwave Connectivity, VSAT and
GSM Technologies for Wireless Network Operators, Web Solutions, Electronics Security Solutions (Cameras, Security Doors,
Finger Prints etc), and Alternative Power Provision (Inverter, Solar and Wind).

We have developed an enviable reputation for excellence in engineering, installation and support activities. This has been
exemplified by our success in the field of wireless communications, electronics securities and alternate power solutions. Our
base includes many of the leading companies, NGOs, Oil & Gas, Universities campuses, Estates, Public Organizations, among

JP Wireless Nigeria has upgrade many campuses from wireless hotzones to smart campus under its management worldwide
using the JP Wireless / 3R Access Controllers and a complete back-office solution known as Gatekeeper.
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