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Hotspot Services
‘JP Wireless Hotspot’ is a leading facilitator of Wireless Internet Service brought to you by JP Wireless Nigeria, the operator of
the JP Wireless Products. With this services, locations such as hotels, airports, cafés, restaurants and fitness centre, can
provide up to the minute Wi-Fi / Wi-Max section to mobile and technologically aware clientele. At these spots, your customers
are connected to the internet anytime wirelessly at the fastest available speed via their PDA's, Laptops' or Desktops that are
Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n) compliant

As the world becomes increasingly virtual and the line between work and leisure is progressively blurred, many people require
access to their systems anywhere, anytime.

JP Wireless solution delivers continuous service such as access, authorization, accounting, billing, settlement, roaming and
network monitoring. Our state-of the art management software is completely hardware independent, offering WISPs an off the
shelf solution that can instantly turn any location into a Hotspot revenue generator with full backup support.

An effortless way to increase profitability
In 2004, it was estimated that over 130 million business users worldwide will be working outside their traditional offices. Today,
the development of cloud computing has made it even much more easier as these has been a reality long ago.

Operators of places like hotels, fast-food, shop franchises, public/private organizations among others that wish to offer internet
access under their own brand, with their own plans and pricing can benefit greatly from the JP Wireless Link back-office