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General Procurement Services

IT Procurement Services
As part of our support services, we offer procurements services to our clients.
We recognize that there are many competent IT suppliers one can work with, but that, ultimately, it's people and culture that
make the difference. So, when all key criteria are met, we know that people would like to work with a supplier with which they
can build a long-term relationship based on trust, collaboration and understanding.

Our company ethos is very much in harmony with the aims and culture of our clients. We are open and honest in our dealings
and we are sensitive to the needs of all organizations to spend wisely.

Procurement of IT stuff can be a challenging process and good advice and a robust procurement process can reduce your
purchasing costs significantly while also ensuring that the item you procure is actually what you need and is fit for purpose. That
there are no hidden costs and that what you end up paying over a the life of the item is what you thought it was going to be. We
understand the IT industries by virtue of our experiences from divers of clients (organizations), we look into the future based on
the ongoing research and will advice you on equipments that will not be obsolete in the mere future.

To discuss your IT Infrastructure and Management consultancy requirements please contact us today!

Some of our recent projects include:
• Requirements gathering and procurement of remote station power solutions
• Procurement and installations of IT Gadgets for ISP's nationwide.
• Procurement of IT equipments for Banks
• Procurement and installation of IT materials for financial institutions
• Guiding the procurement of a website and database application for multinationals
• Procurements & Development of IT contracts for Applications and Services
• Procurements, deployments and maintenance of campus hotspot equipments

We have contact of most OEM and their representatives all over the world and have good relationship and direct channel of
communication with them. These guarantees' you quick after sales support and reliabilities.