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The robust features of JP Wireless SMS platform offers you the opportunity to earn extra income by selling bulk SMS credits.

Start your own branded bulk SMS resellership business and create an extra stream of income for yourself. You can buy SMS credits at a very cheap rates, build your own network of customers, fix your own selling price, and sell SMS credits from your own website under your brand name. You can also create other resellers under you. The potential is vast and unlimited.

We currently have 2 basic service plans. They are: “Gold Reseller Plan” and “Silver User Plan”. Details of these service plans are stated below:

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Gold Reseller Plan
Silver User Plan
Suitable for those that has the technical know
how to manage others peoples account and
make money
For those that are just interested in tapping the
advantage of SMS Solutions in reaching out to
You shall be responsible for creating your
clients account.
Need not create any account, just login and
You buy bulk from us and fix your selling prize
You buy and use
Setup fee
Not Applicable
SMS Cost!
N1.40 per credit for 10,000 - 20,000
N1.70 per sms credit minimum of 5,000
Minimum Purchase is 10,000 units
Any Purchase below 5,000 units cost N2.00