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Support Services: Simply put, we can support your network environment for less…

We understand that everyone is affected by the current economic crisis. You speak and we listened. We know that your IT budget
is at its lowest, while your expenses are higher than your expectations. JP would like to lend a hand and offer its own relief
package. Through the stabilization and consolidation of your networking environment, higher efficiencies and reduced IT costs can
be achieved. We've done it for our existing clients and with confident we can apply it to your environment also.

The demand:
Your network, the services it provides, and the equipment that interacts with those services should be viewed as an organic
component of your business. As such, your network has to be monitored and maintained on a regular basis. When your business
begins to grow and set itself apart from competitors, your network infrastructure and services also have to grow to support those
business functions. Allocate sufficient bandwidth, using Quality of Service (QOS), monitoring the health of servers, upgrading to
Gigabit switches, installing software upgrades and patches are some of the maintenance items required by most companies.

The solution:
We at JP Wireless, recognize that there are many solutions to a particular problem. What makes us different from other IT firm is
that we recommend solutions that not only solves your current problem, but also account for future growth and current budgets. In
regards to this, we will always work with you so that you understand the risk of selecting a lower budgeted solution versus the
cost benefits. Most of the time, potential clients are surprised to find how our solutions are prized well within their budget.
Furthermore, unlike some other vendors, we have solutions that are derived from multiple OS platforms, which enables our clients
to benefit through cost savings, higher performance gains, and increased security.

Whether you want to outsource all of your network support or simply require second-line IT support for existing staff, we can
provide the services to help your business run smoothly. Our extensive knowledge base & technical experience helps in selecting
and implementing a solution that is best for your business. We are constantly learning, deploying new technologies, and offering
new solutions to ensure our solutions evolve with your business.